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Oleic acid 关于油酸

 For normal functioning of the human body essential fatty acids, subdivided into saturated and unsaturated. The most beneficial for the human body are unsaturated fatty acids, which are actively involved in the synthesis of biologically active substances. Oleic acid is of particular interest, it has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, slows the development of heart disease and contributes to the development of antioxidants.
Oleic acid is a transparent, yellowish, oily liquid without mechanical impurities not soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ether; under the influence of air and light acid oxidizes and darkens. This is a monounsaturated acid, which is found in many foods of plant and animal origin. It refers to fatty acids omega-9 and is considered as one of the most healthful sources of fat in the diet.
 It is involved in the construction of human biological membranes. Replacement of this monounsaturated acid dramatically alters the biological properties of membranes - their permeability. Fats that contain this unique acid differ with the best digestibility.
The use in medical drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Oleic acid is one of the ingredients in the oil Lorenzo - a medicine which is used in the therapy of adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare disorder that affects the brain and causes symptoms similar to symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Although Lorenzo oil can not cure adrenoleukodystrophy (it is considered as incurable), it can slow down its development in patients who have not yet got developed symptoms.
The scientists found that oleic acid helps women to prevent breast cancer. This property have been discovered by American scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago. In experiments on cancer cells of mammary gland it has been experienced that oleic acid of olive oil blocks breast cancer gene Her-2/neu. When it is active malignant tumor is developing.
Food industry: a basis for the production of fat margarines by hydrogenation of isomer formed trans oleic acid, which is well absorbed by the human body, it almost does not include in its fat depot that is not deposited in reserve.
Cosmetology: Quite often, oleic acid is used in various cosmetic products intended for skin care face, hands, legs and body. This unique because of its properties acid enter in composition of decorative cosmetics, soaps. Perfumers around the world use this acid as a plastic material. Its salts are necessary ingredient of a large number of well-known detergent.
Industry: Oleic acid is a permanent base for the production of paints, a variety of coatings, paints, drying oils. Industrial obtain the acid by repeated crystallization occurs after digestion of lipids from vegetable oils. Also, it is widely used to produce the sodium salt - the main component of many types of soap.
Monounsaturated acids necessary accompany the person throughout life, so they become so familiar, that people do not notice them. But the lack of such kind of important components of human life affects almost immediately. Humanity should appreciate and understand the need for this natural product in more proper way.
In general, fatty acids are essential for human, as they are his energy reserves. In animal fats this extremely useful mono-unsaturated acid accounts 40% of total fatty acids, the composition of oleic acid in vegetable is approximately 35%.
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