Promotional Services

   A distinctive feature of the Ametrin Ltd. is an ability to offer the Promotion plan to our partners. Promotion is a very important component which leads to success. You will gain more people interested in your production after it is represented in right way.
   The Ametrin Ltd. offers the following Promotional services.

   1. Outsoursing of Medical representatives (services for promotion of medicines in Ukraine)
Contact person:
Mr. Vlasenko Konstantine
Tel/fax: 38 (057) 714 06 03

   2. Advertising of manufacturers and their products on the corporate web-site
Contact person:
Mrs. Irina Shkil
Tel/fax: 38 (057) 714 06 03 (in-house 1190)

   3. Placement of detailed information about promotional products in the company’s price- list
Contact person:
Mrs. Irina Shkil
Tel/fax: 38 (057) 714 06 03
   The price-list is distributed on the territory of Eastern and Central Ukraine from the representative office of  U.N.O. to smallest pharmacies.

   People who directly make decisions about purchasing of different medicines are among those who receive the price-list, they are the employees of procurement developments, the chief physicians, the chiefs of healthcare organizations, the directors of social institutions and the managers of regional government administration.
The price-list is distributed to the following regions:
Kiev, Donetsk, Luhansk, Sumy, Vinnytsya, Cherkasy, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kharkov.
   Price list is issued 3 times a week in edition of more than 2000 copies.
   Our standard proposal for advertising of your information in a price-list is: four-color A4 page, a cost of advertisement is determined after negotiation. 

Contact person:
Mrs. Irina Shkil
Tel/fax: 38 (057) 714 06 03

   The Ametrin Ltd. has upgraded its professional level in producing full complex of services in promotion and selling your company’s products the Eastern region of Ukraine (Kharkov and oblast, Luhansk, Sumy, Donetsk, Poltava, Cherkasy) where we have a leading position in distributing medicaments.

   We make informative work:
   With doctors to increase demand on promotional products by:
- lectures;
- conferences;
- face-to-face visits;
   - presentations;
- round tables;
- medicines are included in a standard treatment.
So that central objects of promotion medicaments are indicated. They are regional, urban and local care establishments and professional upgrading for medical specialists. The group of specialists is determined. They are focused on providing the best promotional services.
Our company offers different encouragements to doctors.
   With pharmacies:
- choice of the basis pharmacies in each region;
- providing the availability of the medicines;
- merchandising;
- lectures for employees of the pharmacy;
   - competitions;
- active work with chief executives of pharmacies.
   The quantity of Medical representatives, it’s objectives indicate according to each cases:
including medicines in range of products in pharmacy;
presentations for sale department;
collection of  information about movement of production;
making and supporting opportunely image of company in region.
In average the audience consists of 600 people per month, 90 people per week, 15 people per day. The Medical representatives are provided with all necessary things for the job.

Contact person:
Mrs. Tatiana Chigrin
Tel/Fax: 38 (057) 714 06 03

                                 We Will Be Glad to Cooperate With You in Future!

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