Trade Mark "МалышОК!"
Trade Mark "МалышОК!"

      The Ametrin Ltd. represents an exclusive Trade Mark for children called “МалышОК!”.

      It is a new TM providing with a wide range of child’s goods. Damp napkins were the first product of the "МалышОК!". They provide with prophylactic measures for various infectious diseases. They will also help parents to solve the question of vital importance and take care of their children with pleasure.

      Child’s skin needs special care. Not to hurt it with water and soup it is preferable to use “МалышОК!” napkins. They will cope with all undesirable forms of pollution of your child’s skin to keep it safe and healthy.
The assortment of the damp napkins includes the flavours of nature: aloe + chamomile, calendula and bur.

      All the properties of the napkins “МалышОК!” are approved of by clinical tests.
      That is why the product can be used by parents just from child’s birth.

We call your attention to the “МалышОК!” napkins
To use and stay clean! For both children and adults!
You may not find water as usual in some places,
The “МалышОК!” napkins will help in all cases!
High quality – low price,
“МалышОК!” is our advice!!!

To purchase the product contact Danchenko Diana Vladimirovna
Tel.: +38 (057) 714-06-03

For more detailed information please address our web-site

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