Marketing researches

                    The Commercial proposal of marketing researches in Ukraine.
      The entrance on the pharmaceutical market of any country is always paired with risks, specific and economic factors that each region has.
     Ametrin Ltd.  offers a complete range of professional marketing researches, which will allow you to enter the Ukrainian market being completely informed about the potential sales of your product, its analogs, competitors, potential risks and threats of the modern pharmaceutical market.
We have all the instruments to provide real professional services:15-year experience in the changing conditions of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, the actual database, full information and technical equipment, permanent "field" research and marketing expertise – all these is aimed at the quality of the provide services.
The cost of marketing research depends on their complexity, the number of required parameters, methods, and ranges from $ 250 per position.
Standard analysis includes:
1. The number of drug’s analogs, their position in the market.
2. Retail sales in quantitative and monetary terms.
3. The dynamics of sales for 2007 - 2009 years.
4. Admissible market prices of analogues in Ukraine.
5. Allowable competitive price of a new drug on the Ukrainian market.
6. The market share of this group of drugs, analogues and the potential share of the analyzed drug in this group.
Head of the marketing department:
Mrs. Irina Shkil
Telfax +38 (057) 714-06-03

Marketing analyst:
Mr. Oleg Rebenko
Telfax +38 (057) 714-06-03
Mob. +38 (063) 390 68 93

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