Our internet resources
Our internet resources

The trademark "Malyshok"
The site TM Malyshok "is created for kids and their parents! Anyone who is interested in planning, care and development of children can get professional help. At the site you'll find: information about the products of TM "Malyshok, as well as many interesting and useful information about children and everything that is associated with them!

Аптека 59

Pharmacy 59
Internet pharmacy, at which you can order drugs and medical supplies per the Internet to anywhere in Kharkov and the Kharkov region. Prompt delivery,a wide range and originality of this service are our main advantages.

FarmSvit -

FarmSvit- Your guide in the pharmaceutical world.
This resource is designed to illuminate the situation at the Ukrainian and foreign pharmaceutical markets. If you are a beginner or an experienced pharmacist, doctor or a student of the Pharmaceutical University, this resource is for you! Here you will find news of pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and legal acts related to the implementation of drugs, advices of a lawyer and a psychologist, a theme forum etc.

Permetrin ointment
Exclusive product, promotion and realization of which deals with company "Ametrine”.
The drug, Fitolizin "production Warsaw plant medicinal plants" Herbapol "in Pruszkow is the exclusive agent of the company "Ametrine”.
One of the leading manufacturers of suppositories in Euripe and exclusive partner Ltd "Ametrine".

Leading polish manufacturer of high quality medical products.
Chanell Ltd. ” Ametrine "on YouTube - it's constantly updated videos about the company, presentation of  partner products , as well as exhibitions with our participation.
Channel Ltd. “ Ametrine "
Blog Ltd.” Ametrine"in English as well as general information about the company and current news of world and Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, news for managers and logistics of foreign economic activities.
Blog Ltd. “ Ametrine "

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