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Pharmaceutical Finished Products Promotion
   Competition in pharmaceutical business is rough and intense. Pharmaceutical companies are sensitive to constantly changing market situation and toughening competition. That is why Promotion becomes an obligatory component of activities of each company.

   Ukrainian pharmaceutical market characteristics:

   1. Product market structure is the only in the process of forming:
Innovative products vs. Brand generics vs. Generics.

Very high competition, which is not always motivated in:

  • Price policies
  • Product portfolios
  • Domination of ‘me too’ principle

   3. Extensive territory results in necessity of wide regional coverage for Field Force

   Promotion of pharmaceutical preparations is a complex of activities aimed at bringing information about product advantages to the potential customers and stimulating the customer to purchase it.
Promotion plays role of communication between persons, groups of people and organizations by means of direct (i.e. advertising) and indirect (i.e. company image) activities aimed at ensuring product sales.

   Modern pharmaceutical companies apply complex communication systems with re-sellers, customers, various public organizations and other contact auditoriums. In cases like this communication methods and promotional methods are identical to a great extent, though marketing managers use various methods both for product promotion and marketing communication.

   Promotion of pharmaceutical products and medical devices service package.

   The Ametrin Ltd. has started to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with outsourcing services, in other words promotion of medications and medical devices since January 2006.
This service package was created on the basis of previous successful experience of cooperation with our partners Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants, deep knowledge and understanding of problems and goals of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the current stage of development of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.
Our team of professionals will be glad to assist you in making your product well-known in every corner of Ukraine's vast territory.

   The Ametrin Ltd.
 provides complete range of services connected with product promotion in Ukrainian rapidly growing and changing market:

  • Field Force – professional team of medical representatives
  • organization of seminars, conferences, presentations and lectures
  • complex of marketing activities dedicated to product promotion
  • organization of advertising campaigns
  • wholesale of pharmaceutical products and medical devices
  • sales stimulating actions and campaigns
  • storage and logistics services

The Ametrin Ltd. is able to provide you with individual services as well as complete package of your product promotion services.
We look forward to cooperation with domestic and international pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers.

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