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Medications Wholesale Department

   Ametrin is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Eastern Ukraine which gives complex services to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations and plants. We deal with drugs wholesale, supplies of pharmaceutical raw materials, medical disposables, industrial, analytical and laboratory equipment.
   Due to direct contacts with the Ukrainian manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, we deliver these preparations immediately from producer. At present the Ametrin successfully cooperates with majority of Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants.

The wholesale department of final medicines called Ametrin Ltd. is the biggest one. It is situated in the first capital of Ukraine - Kharkov.

   The Ametrin Ltd. consists of four divisions:
1. Pharmaceutical products and consumables sales division.
2. Purchasing and marketing division.
3. Finance division.
4. Warehouse facility.  

   Business potential of every company depends on coordinated and dynamic work of all its department divisions.
   So does the Ametrin Ltd. Our motto reads: “We are a united team of professionals”. The mission for the Ametrin Ltd. is taking care of people, improve quality of their live via high quality of service and drug preparations and raw materials delivery.
   Our company's plan is to increase constantly scope and amount of supplies. More than 100 highly qualified specialists work with our partners. The wholesale department of final medicines is a modern office and warehouse with area more than 2000 m2, located on Yurjevskaya str., 17.
   1. Pharmaceutical products and consumables sales division
   Main division of medications wholesale department is pharmaceutical products and consumables sales division. Goal of this department is a search of new customers and high quality service of pharmaceutical institutions. There are more than 25 highly qualified specialists working in this department. We regularly organize seminars, attestations and trainings allowing us to rise professionalism of our colleagues.
   2. Purchasing and marketing division
   A regular and qualitative maintenance of assortment is a goal of this division. Its functions are - quality control of purchase process and planning purchases. There are 8 highly qualified specialists working in this division at present moment. Purchasing and marketing division closely cooperates with medications sales department.
   3. Finance division
   Finance division is an independent department where highly qualified specialists work (pharmacists and accountants). The main function of this division is selling price estimation of drug preparations and consumables.
   4. Warehouse facility division
   Warehouse division is located on an area more than 1000 m2. There are more than 3500 drug preparations stored on our warehouse division at present moment. There are two refrigerating chambers, thermo labile rooms, quarantine store, rooms with restricted access and special areas for goods dispatch and receipt. Warehouse division has over 50 specialists including: authorized personnel, analytical division, goods receiving division, purchasing logistics division, goods dispatch division and logistics, logistics coordinator.

   NEW! Not long ago the Medical Represantatives Department has began its work. The representatives of 25 professionals in the field of pharmacy work activly with doctors, hospitals, opinion-leaders, drugstores and healthcare organizations providing them with full information about new medicines which appear on the Ukrainian market.

The Ametrin Ltd. values every customer. Our success comes from cooperation with our partners.
The power of our company is in its people, in every employee.

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Ametrin Inc.
Yurjevskaya Street , 17., Kharkov, 61001, Ukraine 
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