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24.06.2014 – 26.06.2014 - CPhI China 2014, Shanghai, China

24.06.2014 - 26.06.2014, Shanghai, China

       CPhI China 2014 exhibition will be held 24-26 June 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) in Shanghai, in the heart of the financial and business world of China, and the most important industrial base in China for the pharmaceutical sector.

       China's pharmaceutical market is forecast to be in 2014, the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world. Health care reform is an important step, and China offers tremendous opportunities that can be used for all international pharmaceutical companies.

        Exhibition CPhI China 2014 - is akin to brand CPhI Worldwide - level events "should be available" in the international pharmaceutical industry. CPhI China and combined with her exhibition - is the largest international pharmaceutical industry events in China. CPhI China - it's 1700 exhibitors and 27,000 visitors - a unique chance for you:
- Meet with managers, key decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry from 102 countries, including China, India, USA, UK, France, Italy, etc.
- Find potential partners, connecting the necessary manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, and local productivity
- Find all the major Chinese suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients, outsourcing, equipment and bio-solutions in one place
- Get the ingredients and services at competitive prices
- Learn about the latest developments, technologies, trends and developments in China's pharmaceutical industry conferences CPhI China Conferences
- Join and get access to one of the world's fastest growing pharmaceutical markets
Thematic sections CPhI China 2014

Subject CPhI China

Active pharmaceutical ingredients, alkaloids, amino acids, antibiotics, antibodies, antimicrobial preservatives, antioxidants, biocatalysts, biotechnology, capsules / encapsulation, chemical synthesis / analysis, intermediate products of marijuana, cover material, color, and the variance, making products to order, cytokines, emulsion / increase the solubility of agents, enzymes, additives and formulations, fine chemicals, flavors and fragrances, regulators flowability, herbal teas, hormones and synthetic substances, immunochemistry, intermediate products, medicinal plants, microcapsules, ointment bases, peptides, phospholipids, vegetable / animal extracts, prostaglandins, and separated decontamination methods, regulatory issues, serums and vaccines, solvents, reagents, increasing the rigidity of the mixture, the basics, increasing rigidity, suppository bases, suspending agents / thickeners, sweeteners, synthetic organic chemistry, binding agents for making tablets, tablet disintegrants, binders, tablet excipients, lubricants for making tablets, culture media for growing tissue, moisturizing / agents which increase the solubility

Subject P-MEC China

Analytical instrumentation, automation and robotics, dispensing systems / equipment, equipment for clean rooms, filling equipment, filtration / separation / purification, products for health and safety, tools, laboratory products and equipment, machinery, packaging equipment and supplies, equipment for factories / plants, process automation and management, process equipment; RFID; fillers for tablets / capsules, testing and measurement validation.

Subject LABWorld China

Laboratory equipment, laboratory automation / robotics, laboratory information systems and documentation, laboratory diagnosis, laboratory equipment and machines, laboratory equipment for biotechnology and life sciences, chemicals and reagents, consumables, diagnostics in medical research, instrumental analysis, testing materials, Measuring and testing technology, microscopy and optical image processing, quality control, Bioanalysis, Biochemistry; Biokompyuting; bioprocess Engineering, Biotechnology equipment

Subject ICSE China

Contract research: bio analytical services, biological testing, environmental testing, pharmacy, photo-biological testing, pre-clinical studies, testing the quality of drugs, toxicology.
Clinical trials phase I - IV: clinical research (in the field), drug metabolism, data management, fixed clinical research, monitoring patient safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacoeconomics, project management, statistical analysis.
Contract manufacturing: mixing, filling, lyophilization, packaging, regulation.
Marketing services: software, consulting services, data transmission services, E-Business, translation services.
Medical equipment: Equipment for cleaning, hygiene testing, production equipment, quality control.
Logistics and Distribution
Analytical services
Other: chemical synthesis / analysis, customization, development and validation of analytical methods for the study of drugs, drug delivery systems, the development of the formula / dosage, optimizing processes, description of production, staffing, synthetic organic chemistry, the design of synthetic approaches

Subject BioPh China

Academic and research centers, analytical chemistry, analytical methods, organic clusters, bioelectronics, bioinformatics, biopharmaceutical and biological processes, technology, biotechnology and related sciences, cell biology, diagnostics, antibodies, molecular biology, equipment and supplies, genomics and proteomics, immunology, investment companies, medicinal chemistry, patent and legal services, technology platforms, functional genomics, proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, high-speed screening, process validation, protein chemistry, technology and software, therapy, toxicology / virology.

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