Whom do we want to see in our team?

Rules of working in "Ametrin" 

Is it difficult to work for us?
Yes it’s very difficult. Those who write about their own "learning capabilities" and "abilities to handle stress" often are not ready to show the above mentioned features.

How easy is to get in Ametrin?
We need you to tell us about yourself and your achievements. We will not respond to everybody, we elect only those who really interested and impressed us.
In case you got our reply – you need to show and do your best!.

Job change (Read carefully!)
For some reasons you have decided to send your CV to us.
Do not do this if you:
- are at the end of your potential on the previous place of work;
- made job changes during last 12 months;
- did not informed your employer in advance about your intention to leave the company;  
- are not able to perform case transfer in your company within two weeks;
- did not help your company to find a substitution.

The same deliberate attitude while changing a job is expected from every member of Ametrin.

Whom do we want to work with?
We need professionals, those who want to have a long and successful work with us.
We appreciate letters, addressed directly to us, not those which had been sent as a bulk mail.
We are interested in working with those who are able to achieve their goals.
There is no reason to join our team for a month or a year. 

If you really want to join us – be sure that we have all the possibilities to make your work comfortable

Now you are ready to write or call us! 
tel: +380 57 714-06-03

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Ametrin Inc.
Yurjevskaya Street , 17., Kharkov, 61001, Ukraine 
Tel./Fax: +38 (057) 714-06-03, 768-09-15, 768-09-16, 768-09-17